The Loft On Pine
The Loft on Pine was the perfect place for us to get married. Here are my key reasons and differentiators that ended up making the most impact for us for picking this venue (things for any bride to think about — I didn’t even realize how important they were for us until after the wedding was over):
– We had the entire building/event space to ourselves. We didn’t have to share with other parties — the entire space was only filled with the people we wanted there. This made it feel more intimate and as a bride made me feel special not having to be just another event happening.
– We had the option to use all of the existing furniture. I’ve looked around online before and considered renting wingback chairs and couches, but that adds up really quickly. The Loft allowed us to use all of their existing furniture, and let me tell you, it is antique, ornate, and plain gorgeous. It truly makes the space feel warm, friendly, and unique. Additionally — they’ve installed chandeliers, which are something I could never afford to rent on my own and they are just included with the venue. The space continues to transform as they update and add new pieces.
– We really had 4 event spaces in 1. All of our photos were taken on different levels of the Loft — the bridal suite, the main event space, the cocktail hour space downstairs, and the man cave in the basement. We didn’t need to make the hotel look great, or worry about where to take photos, because we had endless options throughout the entire building at the Loft. It provided diversity in the photos and allowed everyone to have comfortable spaces and areas to relax without running around to different places. Also, to reiterate — the bridal suite is GORGEOUS. It is the perfect backdrop for photos and just felt like a really special space. Also, the brick and industrial look was exactly what we were looking for. With the Loft backdrop in my head, it was easy to plan the rest.
Those key reasons made me see the huge value and special nature of The Loft on Pine. The space itself is gorgeous, and provides its own decoration alone. This is an investment worth making, and I would recommend it to any bride.
Not to mention, the staff is incredibly kind and we loved working with them. Mary and Calli were helpful and quick to answer questions, it’s just always nice to work with good people.
— Anna D.
It’s hard to put into words how incredible our experience was at The Loft on Pine. From start to finish we were treated like family. No matter how many questions we asked they had an answer. Everything I asked for was executed beautifully and even more amazing than I could have ever expected.
Mary and her staff were kind, thoughtful, and offered advice and ideas whenever needed.
The venue was gorgeous and all our guests were talking about it for weeks after. We actually had the wedding blues when it was all over. If we could do it all over again we would in a heart beat and would not change a single thing.
Green Apple Events was recommended by Mary and it couldn’t have been a more perfect match. Meghan knew our style which made it a fun and not stressful experience.
I know we will be looking back and remembering this day forever and the people who made it happen for us.
Thank you to The Loft on Pine, Mary, and Meghan for making us feel so special.
I seriously have thought about changing my carrier after this experience and would work for Mary gladly!
Thanks so much and I hope we get to work with you again some day!!!
— Xoxo, Cassidy and Mark